So you're repackaging the Tanuki classes into it's own maven project?


On 7/15/07, Chris Custine <> wrote:
Hi Everyone,
I am getting ready to commit all of the new installer and daemon code but I have one issue that warrants debate.  The Tanuki distribution contains binaries for the daemon and Windows service wrappers, and also contains the jar files for the bootstrapper implementations and it is not available via Maven repository.  I don't want this to be a maintenance hassle, so what I am doing right now is expanding the distribution in a directory and using some maven config to install the jar when you first run mvn install on the daemon project.  If I commit this the way it is on my working copy, then it will work the same for everyone else.  What I am thinking is that this will allow us to update the distro by expanding any new versions over the top of the old and committing the cha nges.

Another option is that we could build a couple of maven artifacts with the jar and the binaries and try to get it hosted on the maven repo.

Any thoughts or input on what we should do here?