Hi all,

I'm fed up with having to apply changes between the server.xml file in the server-main project
to the server-installers project which also contains a server.xml file in it and vice versa.  Some
times there are slight differences in these files and diffs get out of wack so I cannot tell which
file is the most up to date.

I'd like to centralize and have a single authoritative copy in all of the ApacheDS project.  I'd like
to make maven reuse this same server.xml where ever it may be needed.  There is no XML
artifact (packaging type in Maven jargon). If there was then we could create a module with a
dependency on this server.xml and reuse it all over without having to worry about keeping
multiple copies in sync.  This is an even greater issue in Triplesec btw so it's a problem worth

Does anyone know or recommend a way we can use some Maven magic to solve this problem?