First of all this presumes the clients mirror the version of the server. I don't
think you want that right?  Also the client is an external (to apacheds) project
to ApacheDS so I would put the correct version of the client into the
dependencyManagement section.  Then you don't need to specify the version
of the artifact in the dependencies section for these clients.

Secondly you want <scope>test</scope> in there for these dependencies if in
fact you intend their scope to be test scope.


On 7/9/07, Enrique Rodriguez < > wrote:
On 7/9/07, Alex Karasulu < > wrote:
> ...
> The dep is just fine especially if you make the dep have test scope.

OK, one last question, can you review the following group/artifact
id's and make changes/suggestions before I deploy and add this to

      <version>${ pom.version}</version>