Hi all,

For the past couple days I've been looking at migrating Triplesec packages and just
cleaning up the project as a whole since it is pretty much a prototype as it stands
right now.  There are a few things in Triplesec that I have problems with:

(0) bring all NOTICE and LICENSE files up to date with review
(1) It package names are not org.apache.directory.triplesec based
(2) It uses ApacheDS 1.0.3 and I would like to start using 1.5.x
(3) It has Jetty integration which I would like to move into ApacheDS and inherit
(4) The schema is a mess and needs to be cleaned up as well as massaged to not use
     safehaus prefixes.
(5) server.xml file handling to reconfigure the server is a mess with dom4j based loading
     and rewriting so DIT based configuration can significantly clean up this mess
(6) junit extensions for integration testing is causing issues on windows and failing
     even on linux due to some maven peculiarities with classloaders
(7) very poor logging
(8) lack of HOTP parameterization per account
(9) I would like to remove the interceptor used for referential integrity and replace it
     with triggers and stored procedures
(10) I want the maven build to work using all the tricks we learned to stop maven
      from changing under our feet with snapshotted plugins
(11) rework the installers to use Chris' work with Tanuki and the various installers

Right now I would like to build flexibility into the schema and the format to support
multiple realms.  Also I would like to consider flexibility to support JACC however
it's not the primary aim for now and can be ignored for this quick rewrite.

After assessing where we are and what we have to do a rewrite may take less effort
than wrestling with all the problems we have.  Also note that some key libraries need
not be completely rewritten.

I have the month of July only to do this if I do set out to do it.  I also need some help
but this rewrite gives a bunch of us (especially the new comers) a chance to get up
to speed with Triplesec. 

So now I have a few questions for the community:

(1) Should we do this rewrite which will take a couple weeks off our schedule but
     may give significant advantages in the future?
(2) Who is interested in tackling this with me?

If we have enough people and agreement then we can just jump in and get started.