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From "Norval Hope" <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] [CiDIT] Discussion
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2007 04:38:06 GMT
Hi All,

Have been following this thread with interest since putting forward my 2c
early on.

Just wanted to to wade in again with another real-world usecase, albeit one
from the point of view of someone who's solution depends on a fair bit of
customization to server.xml:
  1. cleaning up the code by removing configuration beans: sounds fine to
me, as long as I can work out how to achieve what I do today in the new
  2. storing configuration in the DIT: I understand the benefits for
replicating configuration across a cluster etc, and don't mind too much as
long as I and my more tech-savvy customers don't have to struggle too hard
to achieve the saem changes they can make today
  3. flattening out all config setting/wiring into LDAP: don't like this
idea at all and agree with Ersin, LDAP works best for a smallish number of
objectclasses with a smallish number variation across them. Some basic
settings can be expressed as attributes on well known LDAP objects (e.g.
default environment for the server) but representing a tree of custom
plug-in beans on config beans that aren't even part of the ADS source (as I
do) sounds like its going to be a considerable PITA to me. Using
server.xmlI can change a string config setting to a bean with three
smoothly if I need to, with an LDAP solution I presume I'd need a new
objectclass or some hacky "generic objectclass" which has attributes called
attr1,..., attrN.

Yours nervously,

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