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From "Emmanuel Lecharny" <>
Subject Re: Possible NPE when shutting down server??
Date Sat, 21 Jul 2007 18:42:16 GMT
Hi David,

strange problem... Have you had a look at the AbstractServerTest class
we are using for our integration tests (it's in server-unit project)?

We are extending tests from this class so that the setup() and
teardown() methods are common.

Let us know if you have the same pb with it.

On 7/19/07, David Jencks <> wrote:
> I'm trying to resuscitate and update the geronimo-apacheds
> integration and have run into some behavior I don't understand.  Due
> to lack of internet access when I started I'm using up to date trunk
> with my xbean-spring mods, but they don't affect this situation
> compared to regular trunk.
> In a unit test I'm starting the server with
> new InitialDirectoryContext(env); which appears to be working ok
> and stopping it with
> new InitialDirectoryContext(env) from a shutdown config which is
> getting an NPE which seems less than appropriate.
> The code gets into AbstractContextFactory.getInitialContext and on
> line 115 the server is shut down setting the
> DefaultDirectoryService.startupConfiguration to null, as seems
> appropriate.
> Then on line 146 of AbstractContextFactory we call
> service.getJndiContext which first does this:
>          checkSecuritySettings( principal, credential, authentication );
>          if ( !started )
>          {
>              return new DeadContext();
>          }
> and checkSecuritySettings uses startupConfiguration on line 437, thus
> throwing the NPE.
> So, this doesn't seem quite right to me.
> 1. The server has already been shut down by the time we are trying to
> get the context, so either returning a DeadContext() from
> AbstractContextFactory after shutting down the server or from
> DefaultDirectoryService.getJndiContext before checking the security
> settings seems reasonable.  This would fix my immediate problem
> 2.  Why is DefaultDirectoryService checking security settings at
> all?  It's not checking authentication or authorization, just doing
> some minimal consistency checks, so why not rely on whatever is
> checking those?  This seems to me like a big separation of concerns
> problem.
> 3. Have I missed something or is the usual way to start and stop the
> server through these new IniitialDirectoryContext() calls?  Is there
> a reason it isn't started more directly through spring?  I don't see
> how your'e going to fire up a new jvm through a new
> InitialDirectoryContext() call, so starting a server is in vm anyway,
> and allowing remote stopping seems.... like something you might not
> want to make too easy.
> thanks
> david jencks

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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