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From "Ersin Er" <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] [CiDIT] Discussion
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2007 08:13:22 GMT

First of all, before doing any coding, I think we must stabilize our
thoughts on what we need and how we'll do it. So I suggest, before doing any
CiDIT stuff in the code, we should document server initialization phase,
configurations etc., our needs and solutions at cwiki.

I understand Alex's concerns about the limitations of current approach or
limitations that prevent us from doing further enhancements in the way do
want but I think the solution suggested is not completely the right way. I
agree with most of the comments from Chris and David and here are a few (map
be duplication a little bit):

Although LDAP is the right technology to store configuration information,
the proposed solution is not the right way to do this. LDAP is not for
structured data. You cannot define relations between attributes and their
values. (Which is my primary e-mail address? Which organizationalRole is
related to which organizationalUnit in my personal entry?) For example, to
specify the order of interceptors, using attribute values like n-foo (where
n is a positive integer) does not really look elegant.

CiDIT should be just an interface for configuring ApacheDS. It can even
provide some virtual entries. We should be able to configure ApacheDS in a
few ways we want, JMX, LDAP, XML, etc. BTW, why don't we try to completely
abstract this configuration stuff? (For example, Spring can load it's
configuration from both XML and property files.)

Many users (developers) are used to configure ApacheDS with server.xml. If
this is causing problems in embedded mode, we can also use Java based
configuration option (in 2.1+) of Spring.

For the Real dynamic configuration problem, CiDIT does not really have much
to do itself. For on-the-fly configuration we need a service manager like
OSGi and I think Spring-OSGÄ° can be an option there. Our current design of
interceptors do not support any listeners for configuration changes. So it
has its own problems.

The dynamic schema generation stuff is, although cool, a dark path. It's a
good research topic on its own but we cannot use it for CiDIT before it gets
stable as given example, JDO or JAXB.

Well there are a lot more to say but briefly I can say that we should
document our current status, needs and solutions.


On 7/16/07, Alex Karasulu <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Here's that thread on discussing the CiDIT agenda. Let's take a look at
> the following
> link before beginning:
> Thoughts? Comments?
> Alex

Ersin Er

R.A. and Ph.D Student at the Dept. of Computer Eng. in Hacettepe University

Committer and PMC Member of The Apache Directory Project
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