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From Alfred Reibenschuh <>
Subject [triplesec/hauskeys] issues
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2007 00:19:05 GMT
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as i found out lately triplesec is in a state of flux
and elecharny mentioned on irc that it would be a good
time to raise some issues.

i'd like not to step on somebodies toes so please forgive
some uncertain language constructs as english is only
a second language to me.

my particular area of interest in triplesec is the hauskey midlet.

* the current midlet uses a plain numeric-only pin to decrypt
the seed-storage and since most pins tend to be 4-6 digits,
a possible attacker is able to precompute all possible keys
for all seeds ever issued in this fashion in under one minute.

* the use of the pin-string as the key-byte-array is an unfortunate
decision since it increases the chances of actually using weak and
semi-weak des-keys which are prone to cryptographic shortcut attacks.

* the use of the des-cipher is an unfortunate decision since
it can be brute-forced with under U$D 10,000 hardware in under
10 days.

* des has a nominal strength of 56 bits (nowadays weak) whereas
the usage of a four-digit pin reduces this to 13 bits!

proposed solution:

* use randomly keyed rsa/elgamal cipher (>=2048bits) for seed.

* use pin combined with an iv to keywrap random-key (aes/3des).

* make pin alpha-numeric with 4-12 chars.

this would mean that the seed itself can only be brute-forced
and only with "large prime factorization" :-)

as long as a good keywrap with iv is used the only attack would be
brute-forcing the 256-768 bit key/iv-space :-)

precomputation would only be possible if the large storage
requirements could be met and than only for a single known
issued token-seed, making it equal to brute-force :-)


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