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From "Martin Alderson" <>
Subject [ApacheDS] Internal directory operations
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2007 14:30:58 GMT
Hi all,

I'm looking for some advice on how to interact with an embedded ApacheDS server from a Quartz
scheduled job.  This job will periodically add/modify an entry.

I had been using something like DirectoryService.getInstance().getConfiguration().getPartitionNexus().modify(...)
but I need this operation to go through the interceptor chain.

I think I need to get a JNDI context using (new InitialDirContext(env)) where env contains
some credentials.  I guess I need the credentials of the admin user for this.  Is there any
way for the server to know the operation is coming from the same process so it can automatically
use the admin users credentials as stored in the directory?  If not how should I get the admin

Thinking about it, I guess this is tied in to having the admin user credentials specified
in the configuration file which also seems bad to me.  Couldn't this be scrapped and have
a way to authenticate as the admin user automatically from within the same process?

Thanks for any comments,


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