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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] [CiDIT] Discussion
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2007 15:51:04 GMT

David Jencks wrote:
> IIRC Ole said he 
> could come up with a ldap - object mapping in a couple of weekends, but 
> that was 6 months ago and he is still saying it will be done in a couple 
> of weekends.  I may be wrong but with the number of technologies that he 
> usually mentions I have a hard time believing his solution will be 
> sufficiently lightweight.

The "Components" (EDataGraphCreator, EDataGraphReader) of the DAS that read and write DataGraphs
(server.xml) are already done.  So these could be used to store server.xml in the DIT right
now and read it as well.  That means all the Bean to LDAP mapping is done, as well as creating
the ObjectClasses and AttributeType entries for the beans (The Schema creation).  Right now
I'm finishing up the change summary processing, but this part is only necessary for editors
that want to update the configuration in something like an Eclipse RCP, and then trigger the
server configuration update.

> I think a reasonable path to follow would be to:
> -- stop abusing spring, i.e. remove the configuration objects and make 
> the functional objects container agnostic.
> -- consider xbean-spring to make type-checked configuration files
> -- do some experiments to see about ldap <> component mappings.  Maybe 
> Ole's system will be lightweight enough to be used for server startup.  
> Maybe you can write something else that works and is easy to extend to 
> new components.  
> -- if those experiments succeed, try storing the configuration in the dit.

In terms of weight I'm guessing the DAS is roughly 10 classes to read and write DataGraphs
(server.xml)from the DIT (So this consists of EDataGraphReader and EDataGraphCreator and utilities
that support these two classes + the EDataGraphSchemaCreator for creating the LDAP Schema).
 The tests I have that create EMF Schema (Bean Metadata), create the LDAP Schema, create an
in memory EMF model (Based on the bean metadata), store the model in ADS, and then read it
again run in a few seconds.

> I still think that editing the configuration in ldap is going to be a 
> lot more unpleasant than in an xml file with a schema telling you what's 
> legal.  

If the DAS is used everyone gets the best of both worlds.  Configuration in the DIT, XML Schema
validation. server.xml loading.  Client friendly change processing.


- Ole

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