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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: Simplified server configuration with xbean-spring
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2007 07:32:36 GMT
David Jencks a écrit :

> On Jul 8, 2007, at 5:48 PM, Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
>> Mark Swanson a écrit :
>>> Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
>>> <snip/>
>>> Still catching up -- working backwards... wrt the "problems"
>>> 1. I disagree that this file is complex. It's straightforward,  
>>> simple, and sensible. Perhaps more docs would make it easier for  
>>> folks but come on, this is light years ahead of other LDAP  configs. 
>>> This _small_ XML config file is a _single_ file. I like it.
>>> Create a simple howto with samples on how to configure it for the  
>>> most common use cases. Just enable folks to copy/paste the common  
>>> config options.
>> Well, from your poit of view, as a experienced user, yes, the  
>> current server.xml is not too complex. But :
>> - for new commers, it's quite difficult to get in (and I must admit  
>> that Dave has a point ith XSchema)
>> - and the current configuration won't reflect the next level of  
>> configuration we will reach when all what we want to add into the  
>> server will be done.
>>> 2. Please _PLEASE_ DO NOT put config info into ADS. Do NOT make me  
>>> use a GUI tool to configure ADS.  I can't always make an X  
>>> connection to an ADS machine and it would be a lot of trouble to  
>>> map and route specific ports in front of the virtual IP router to  
>>> manage specific ADS instances from port 389. I really like being  
>>> able to edit the XML file with a text editor.
>> We will put the config into ADS _and_ you won't have to use a GUI  to 
>> configure the server :). Open Ldap works exactly the wame way,  using 
>> LDIF fiels to modify the configuration. Obviously, this is  quite a 
>> good solution.
> Umm, really?  You'd prefer to deal with  ldif files for the server  
> config rather than the validatable-by-most-xml-editors xbean-spring  
> configuration files?  

I don't like to deal with configiration files at all. This is something 
I do reluctantly, when absolutly needed, and this is not quite often. 
It's like reading latin to me. Some people like latin... I don't. Having 
a latin grammar beside me don't help a lot  ;)

Ok, we do have a GUI to manipulate the server.xml file, and it will be 
able to manipulate LDIF too. This will be an offline editor, so for 
those who are afraid of having to oepn a X session : first edit the 
configuration file with the studio (auto-validations, combo-boxes with 
proposed vaues, etc : everything that XSchema don't offer natively :), 
second save the file, and push it to your distant server.

> So, whenever you edit something you get to  reload the ldif to find 
> out if you made a typo?  Are most ldap users  much more comfortable 
> with  ldif files than xml?

As I said, thanks to the GUI, obvious error won't be injected into the 
server. Of course, if you decide to set the cache to 10000000 instead of 
1000, then you are dead. Ldif and XML are meant to be read by parsers, 
not by human beings. (As far as I feel it, XSchema is one of the most 
atrocious example of overworked piece of XML... But may be it's just me ;)

>> Anyway, we won't be able to please all the users ... But having the  
>> configuration into the server will help a lot when dealing with  
>> replicated servers (no need to login on N servers, we will have a  
>> way to 'replicate' the configuration)
> The replication seems like a plus for the store-in-ldap solution.  On  
> the other hand it could turn into a way to break all the servers at  
> once rather than only breaking one in case the edit didn't work :-)

Yeah : having only one server down when you can break the whole pile of 
servers is not really good : when it's broken, it should be seriously 
broken ;) Ok, you are right, my point is not very valid...



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