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From Mark Swanson <>
Subject Re: Simplified server configuration with xbean-spring
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2007 05:54:37 GMT
Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> Hi guys,
> sorry for the "deafening silence" ... We were quite busy those last
> days, up to a point we let this important mail dying silently ...
> ok, I agree with David that the current server.xml is, to say the
> least, not very easy to handle, as it does not carry a lot of
> semantic.
> Now, from our users perspective, we have two problems :
> 1) current users don't manipulate a lot this file, as you don't fix
> something which work, as soon as it's complicated to male it work
> again, due to the complexity of the current configuration file ( kind
> of circular situation ... )
> 2) new users are simply afraid to touch this configuration file,
> because it's too complex...
> We have two ideas to help solving those problems :
> 1) Apache Directory Studio contains a GUI which helps to manupulate
> this file. Not sure that users are aware of that ...
> 2) we really want to move almost all of this configuration into the
> DIT in the next few months, so that we will be able to avoid having
> such a massive configuration file
> The second solution will obviously be coupled with a new version of
> the first one.

Still catching up -- working backwards... wrt the "problems"

1. I disagree that this file is complex. It's straightforward, simple, 
and sensible. Perhaps more docs would make it easier for folks but come 
on, this is light years ahead of other LDAP configs. This _small_ XML 
config file is a _single_ file. I like it.

Create a simple howto with samples on how to configure it for the most 
common use cases. Just enable folks to copy/paste the common config options.

2. Please _PLEASE_ DO NOT put config info into ADS. Do NOT make me use a 
GUI tool to configure ADS.  I can't always make an X connection to an 
ADS machine and it would be a lot of trouble to map and route specific 
ports in front of the virtual IP router to manage specific ADS instances 
from port 389. I really like being able to edit the XML file with a text 

The xbean-spring stuff is fine too, btw.


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