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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: Simplified server configuration with xbean-spring
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2007 14:15:23 GMT
Thanks :-)  I figured I'd throw it out there.  I can understand if it sounds like a plan to
setup a space station on the moon though  :-)  To me it's the simplest and most elegant solution
wrt storing configuration data in ADS and reading it from clients and ADS through a standardized
Object - Hierarchical mapping layer.  The reason it's a good thing is that it would allow
us to simply update the XML Schema, regenerate the model, and the rest of the integration
is taken care of (Along with the semantics that the XML configuration is communicating). 
No need to write additional code to store or retrieve configuration entries.  Thus we would
take care of both ADS and LS in one shot, as well as any other client (Web...) wishing to
read configuration data from ADS through a standardized layer.  For ADS the only thing that
would change is the switch to "EMF Beans" rather than "Spring Beans".  Anyways just something
to be aware of.

Sorry I high jacked the XBean thread David.  I'm still a fan :-)

- Ole

Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
>> So this is for simplifying things or making a technology cocktail ?
> Arf !!! Ersin, I *like* your sense of humour :)
> Ole, frankly, I'm not really sure that your proposal will gain a lot
> of traction ! Except the idea of designing a XML schema, everything
> else would be a little bit overkilling ...
> What we are trying to do is simply to get rid of the atrocious XML
> file, but it will take time... (and anyway, I say 'atrocious', but I
> don't mean it... At some point, when you want a versatile server, you
> need more configuration. What suggested David was pretty OK, but as we
> are moving to DIT, I just don't think it worths the pain it will
> inflict to users ).
> Anyway, good try Ole :)

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