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Subject Re: [Confluence] Anyone know how we can send notifications to the dev list?
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2007 01:51:04 GMT
You can set up a 'mail watch' in user preferences (you'll also need to setup 
an outbound mail port for Confluence under Administration > Configuration > 
Mail Servers). 

So if you set up a user with the dev list as their email address, it should 
all just work :-). 

However there's already a lot of traffic on the dev list, so maybe a 
separate confluence mailing list? 

If you were really keen, you could actually make that mailing list a part of 
confluence as well, using the Confluence Space-based Mail list feature :-). 

  - Chris 

> Hi all, 
> Lots of new pages are being added to confluence.  I just missed a new page
> that Emmanuel had added a while
> back on the work he did to improve the partition lookup mechanism.  If I 
> had
> this available or new that it existed
> I might have understood the code a bit better while trying to refactor it. 
> Anyways these kinds of problems may be avoided if we can make confluence
> send notifications to one of our
> mailing lists.  Perhaps a new ML is needed but I would be content on 
> sending
> these notifications directly to the
> dev list. 
> Shall we enable this and if so does anyone know how we can do this? 
> Thanks,
> Alex

Dr Christopher Betts
Melbourne, Australia 

Wer mit Ungeheuern kampft, mag zusehn,
dass er nicht dabei zum Ungeheuer wird.
                           - Nietzsche 

(Who fights Monsters must beware,
     lest in doing so they become one)

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