Hi Chris,

On 6/23/07, Chris Custine <chris.custine@gmail.com> wrote:
This was an actual failure from the commit listed in the email but we worked out the issue on #directory-dev and the build recovered.  The Nightly Builds (which run -Dintegration) have been failing quite regularly but the issue was a very specific timing issue with testOneWayBind which tests replication.  We discussed this on IRC also and Martin pointed out that the replication interval defaults to 5 seconds and the test only sleeps for exactly 5 seconds waiting for the replication before it checks so basically it was failing on the busy build server about 50-70%... so we bumped the sleep to 7 seconds and all tests pass now without problems.

Oh good glad to see this is fixed.

So we should see the failuers should be more legitimate now that we worked out those issues.  We also have Studio building as well, and we even have a nightly build that creates all of the artifacts and makes them available for download :-)

Awesome that rocks!

Jetbrains will give us an Open Source license of Teamcity if we like it and want to integrate everyone into the system properly.

That's great can you try to acquire it for us?

Thanks for the feedback it makes me feel a lot better.  I need to start looking into using this tool more to keep an eye on the build with everyone else.