This may be a stupid questions but why with OpenLDAP and not ApacheDS LDAP?
I understand this is about interoperability but what will people think if we're posting
how to use our Kerberos service inside ApacheDS with OpenLDAP.  I can understand
making OpenLDAP a client to the ApacheDS Kerberos server but why is that our

Doesn't anyone think this is a bit strange?


On 6/11/07, Enrique Rodriguez <> wrote:
Hi, Directory developers,

In the INTEROP site, there are now updated lessons, in the style of
the recent SASL GSSAPI and Kerberos+Wicket docs, for using the
ApacheDS Kerberos provider with OpenLDAP and SSHD.  Each of the
lessons has an example LDIF and the configuration is updated for
ApacheDS 1.5.1.

I started thinking that using the Kerberos provider in this way isn't
so much about interop but rather a straight-up use of Kerberos that an
"advanced user" might want to configure.  So, if a few people vet the
instructions, than I'd be up for moving them from INTEROP to the AUG.