Hmmm I don't think I added the PARSED_BIND_DN property.  I'd check with Enrique. 
IMO tho there is definitely no need for yet another property if it is in fact the same
principal DN.


On 6/10/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:

as I'm browsing the code, there is something I don't really get, and maybe someone can help me. Ok, basically, i'm trying to understand what the PropertyKeys.PARSED_BIND_DN is good for?

When someone issue a SIMPLE BindRequest (SASL is out of scope), he gives a DN which is called the principal. The ASN.1 codec parse this DN, even if it does not normalize it (it will be done in the NormalizationService). Then we set the principal, credentials, authLevel into the environment variable, but we also set the principal a second time :
env.put( PropertyKeys.PARSED_BIND_DN, principal );

My question is : is it useless ? Can we simply avoid saving this into the env, as it's already there, but with a different name (SECURITY_PRINCIPAL) ?

Blind guess : this is a reminiscence of a time where we were parsing the DN later in the code. Am I wrong ?

Thanks !

Emmanuel Lécharny