:) LOL.


On 6/7/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:
you want me to commit some code ? ;)

On 6/7/07, Alex Karasulu < akarasulu@apache.org> wrote:
thanks mate we'll just have to wait for another failure

On 6/7/07, Chris Custine < chris.custine@gmail.com > wrote:
OK, this should be done now.  Let me know if this helps out.


On 6/6/07, Alex Karasulu < akarasulu@apache.org > wrote:
Hi Chris,

Any way we can use some prefixes on this? For example:

[BUILD] [FAILED] Build #69 failed due to commit 233443 by akarasulu

If this requires serious black magic to make team city do this then
please disregard this idea.  Just thought I'd put it out there if it's
easy to do.


On 6/6/07, builds@organicelement.com <builds@organicelement.com> wrote:
Build Apache Directory Server::CI Build #40 failed (1432 tests passed)
Agent: Default agent
Build results: http://builds.organicelement.com/viewLog.html?buildId=66&buildTypeId=bt1

Changes included (1 change)
Change 544729 by erodriguez (8 files):
Changes to Kerberos principal entries:
o  Removed encryption type as an attribute.  Now that multiple encryption types are supported, the per-entry type is unused.
o  Added support for distinguished name (DN) and key version number (kvno).

see more information about changed files: http://builds.organicelement.com/viewLog.html?tab=buildChangesDiv&buildId=66&buildTypeId=bt1

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Emmanuel Lécharny