Hmmm there's probably a better way to build this into the test cases. Also you don't know
if that trigger/sp can execute depending on when that thing that goes wrong went wrong in
the shutdown sequence. 

Not worth bothering with it I think.   But a good idea.


On 6/6/07, Ole Ersoy < > wrote:
Hey Guys,

When I run my tearDown() methods, "Occasionally" something is off in the test and the tearDown() is thus incomplete.  It would be great if there was a trigger or something that could be called on the server which would "Hot" reset it to its fresh install state.  That way if the tearDown failed, this could be used as a last resort.  Does this sound useful?  Should I put feature requests like this straight in JIRA, and then wait for discussion, or is this the preferred way?

- Ole