Hmmm I have no clue anymore especially on Windows.  There is some odd behavior there. 
Just curious to trouble shoot it do you see the same behavior on *NIX?


On 6/6/07, Stefan Zoerner <> wrote:
Hi all!

Currently, I am updating the "Configure logging" section in the Basic
User's Guide for ApacheDS 1.5 located here

I have a probably simple problem under Windows: I am not able to modify
the log file location "var/logs". In the " " there are lines


and the apacheds-rolling.log is written relative to
<APACHDS_HOME>/var/log/. I am not able to change this location. Only if
I use an absolute file name for R, it works. But how does log4j know
which target directory (default "var/log/") to use?

If I choose another value for "Log Path" in the service properties,
which can be adjusted with "apachedsw.exe" and looks promising, the file
apacheds-rolling.log is not affected. only
"jakarta_service_20070606.log" gets in the new directory.

Thanks in advance,