Great idea regarding a migration page to the new configuration layout.  Let's make this
guide as easy as possible and reflect these changes in the Studio configuration plugin.

Looking forward to your summary since I can really use a refresher.  Thanks for this E.


On 6/6/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:

we recently have had some issues regarding the configuration modification brought by the SASL inclusion. Those problems were not big, but we need to address them in order to avoid a flury of mails from our current users when we will release 1.5.1 (I guess that with SASL, we need to deliver a new version).

I would like to check if we can see which parts of the server are impacted by such a modification, and to what extent :
- first of all, documentation. We need to update the site, and also give the users a clear migration guide from the previous server.xml to the new one
- the Studio 'Server Configuration Edirot' plugin : how much time to handle these modification do we need?

Also, I think we should also discuss a little bit further about the configuration structure. I will try to gather the different convos we have had in the last three months about it, including the 'config in DIT' thread. This is important that we soon try to find an agreement and stabilize this configuration, and inform the 'world' about this move.

I'm also thinking about Stefan Zörner who is writing his third version of his book, I don't want him to have to rewrite parts of it just because he has snapshots of the old config in it ;) (may be it's a good way for him to get a contract for a forth version of his book ;)


Emmanuel Lécharny