This is somewhat of a known issue with build order.  I don't understand it completely, but basically you have to make sure that you have explicitly done a mvn install on apacheds before running tests, and this probably needs to be done on your machine any time you checkout a new version or sitch to a different branch that you have never built locally before.  This is relevant to the core-plugin and bootstrapping the schemas.

I probably explained this incorrectly, but suffice to say that this is a known gotcha.


On 6/15/07, Ole Ersoy <> wrote:
Sorry - I would reply to my own thread, but google hides it from me.  That last message may have been just a one time corruption in server-work.  It happened right after I built 1.5.1-SNAPSHOT, and updated my dependencies.  I tried downgrading my dependencies, but it was still there.  Then I deleted server-work, and now the tests run fine.  I'll post back if I see anything suspicious :-)  Have a great weekend everybody.

- Ole