This is correct in the current code.  With the work I have been doing for the split install/data directories on *nix, I currently have most logs going to /var/logs/apcheds/<instance name>/ In order to support multiple instances and using *nix style dir structure.  For Windows I expect to keep things the way they are as mentioned earlier, but if you guys want to see something different let me know.

I am on a vacation to California with my family, but I am still expecting to document this stuff and get it all cleaned up next week.

As I said, let me know if you guys have any input here.


On 6/7/07, Stefan Zoerner <> wrote:
Stefan Zoerner wrote:
> Currently, I am updating the "Configure logging" section in the Basic
> User's Guide for ApacheDS 1.5 located here
> I have a probably simple problem under Windows: I am not able to modify
> the log file location "var/logs". In the "" there are lines

Thanks to Christine, I learned that I have to modify the Working Path of
the Startup configuration of the Windows service. This is what log4j
uses at its root. Or at least when I modify it, the rolling files are
written relative to this location.

I'll document this secret in the Basic User's Guide.