Sorry, I didn't finish that thought process...  We can't do the same thing on the ADS wiki because they don't have the HTML macro enabled (it is a bit of a security risk on a self register site).


On 6/4/07, Chris Custine <> wrote:
Unfortunately, this release does not have RSS or atom feeds (I think it is scheduled for a future release), but there is a way to embed some Javascript in a web page and render the current build results.  I have a wiki page with the current ADS build results here:

AFA the emails and new ML, that is all up to you guys...  I just couldn't live without some CI builds running so I had to get this set up.  :-D


On 6/4/07, Alex Karasulu <> wrote:
Perhaps we can get a new mailing list for Directory called ci@d.a.o?

Wanna do that?


On 6/4/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
Alex Karasulu a écrit :

> +1 from me.  We can moderate just tell us what the source address is
> so we
> can keep an eye out for it.

+1 for me too. But maybe we can avoid those mails to be sent to all the
subscribed users ?

I'm also wondering if it could not be possible to get the last status on
pur web site (RSS feed ?)