Hi Everyone,
As most of you know, part of the installers and daemon rework I am doing involves detaching the data storage directory from the main install image so that the data can be stored seperately to ease upgrading and running multiple server instances.  Currently all of the data dir, log dir, etc. are statically configured to be relative to the base install dir.  To make this more dynamic and configurable I propose to add some java system properties that can be passed to each instance and use sensible defaults if none are set.  Current server.xml files will continue to work because the partition dir will still be relative from the base data dir that is specified.

For Linux/Unix, I believe the correct default will be /var/lib/apacheds, but I am not so sure about WIndows.  At this point I am thinking about keeping the data in the base install dir as a default for WIndows.

I will start documenting all of this better in the next few days but I wanted to see if anyone has any thoughts on this part before I continue.