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From "Norval Hope" <>
Subject Re: nlog4j problems under load
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2007 08:23:08 GMT
Hi Emmanuel,

Sorry for my long absence from the list, have been working very hard towards
an imminent release for a number of months now and have had to get extremely
focussed on my maximum priorities.

One todo I have over the next few months (or should I say hopefully some
time this year) is to sync up my stuff with the latest ApacheDS 1.5 code,
which I delayed as I'll have to rework all of my dynamic schema stuff (and I
think there was another repository restructure too - which will make things
difficult too). Hope it's all been going well!

Re LogBack, I haven't investigated as it isn't a workable option for me due
to LGPL license - which I presume is also blocking its use by you guys too.
Hence I thought I'd appeal to the experts (I doubt there is a bigger logging
expert in the Java world then Ceki!), and failing that look into debugging
and fixing myself. I cc'd the ApacheDS dev list just because I thought the
issue may be of interest as another user of nlog4j - even though my
particular requirements on the logging aren't key to the current codebase


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