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From "Emmanuel Lecharny" <>
Subject [Release 1.5.1] Report #1
Date Sat, 30 Jun 2007 22:18:49 GMT
Hi guys,

we will try to close the 1.5.1 version in the next few days.

There are some remaining bugs (not so much), but we certainly have
fixed a lot of bugs and the overall performance has been greatly
improved. We also have SASL implemented in the server, and it worth a
release, so that we can start other improvements in the next few

The roadmap says that we have fixed 34 out of 85 issues, but 35 of
those 85 open issues are tasks (4), new features (11) and improvements
(20). We still have 16 bugs,  2 of them being blockers, and 3 are

Here is a list of remaining bugs :

* [DIRSERVER-110] - Allow administrators to change and set passwords for users
* [DIRSERVER-169] - Incorrect SearchResult name and "compare" failure
using CoreContextFactory
* [DIRSERVER-656] - OSGi Configuration Admin requires AUXILIARY objectclasses
* [DIRSERVER-757] - Attribute 'uniqueMember' allows for any string, not just DN
* [DIRSERVER-766] - uniqueMember attribute compare does not seem to
work properly (uniqueMemberMatch is not implemented?)
* [DIRSERVER-776] - entryUUID only created when entries are added with
Mitosis enabled
* [DIRSERVER-778] - Entries cannot be named when mitosis is enabled.
* [DIRSERVER-803] - Creating an alias from a child entry to the
ancestor causes an error (return code 36)
* [DIRSERVER-824] - Collective attributes are not evaluated in search
operations when they are used in filter expressions
* [DIRSERVER-832] - Added Attributes are all case sensitive
* [DIRSERVER-849] - Subentry modifications are not atomic
* [DIRSERVER-851] - Check that new objectClasses do not have wrong
KIND combinations
* [DIRSERVER-853] - Ldap ref values incorrectly handled for referrals
* [DIRSERVER-865] - errors when importing ACI from LDIF file containing tabs
* [DIRSERVER-916] - SubtreeSpecificationParser and LDAP filter

Some of those bugs are painfull... I'm thinking of the Referral pb we
have since, well, ever...
Others are related to Mitosis.

We should be able to get rid of those bugs by the next 2 weeks, I think.

I would suggest that we focus on bugs first, then on improvements,
tasks and new features. If you feel like moving them to 1.5.2, let's
open a thread, we can discuss that.

BTW, we also have 5 unscheduled bugs :
[DIRSERVER-915] Hot Partitions Throw Exceptions for Normal JNDI Operations
[DIRSERVER-951] Negated filter on indexed attribute doesn't find
entries without attribute
[DIRSERVER-957] OOM when adding a lot of entries
[DIRSERVER-928] Comparator may fail
[DIRSERVER-956] Aborting a client search does not stop the search

Let's schedule those guys ! (in fact, we have 124 unscheduled issues,
so, please, try to make your best to set the impacted version *and*
the expected version release. This is _really_ important to have at
least the first information)

Thanks a lot !

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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