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From "Emmanuel Lecharny" <>
Subject Re: nlog4j problems under load
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2007 07:20:48 GMT
Hi Norval,

good to see that you are back !

I hope Ceki can help you on this, because I'm afraid we are not
exactly Log4j specialists on Directory project... What about Logback,
does it behave the same ?


On 6/29/07, Norval Hope <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am in the final stages of preparing a release that builds on top of
> ApacheDS, and consequently must use an slf4j compliant logging library so I
> used nlog4j 1.2.25 (as AD does).
> I have a requirement to have separate appenders created dynamically at
> runtime and adopted the approach shown in the small attached test/config
> files, which was:
>   1. to have a template appender copied every time a new appender is
> required
>   2. have a stub logger used only so that I can discover the template
> appender when I need it (as the template appender is in this loggers
> appender list in the .properties config file)
>   3. to dynamically create a logger intended to send output to the
> dynamically created appender only (additivity is false and no other logger
> knows about each particular appender instance).
> This all works fine under normal load, but noted some problems under heavy
> logging load so I wrote the stand alone test to investigate.
> Running the test with 2 threads and no delay ("java nlog4jtest.NLog4jTest 2
> 0") causing problems immediately on a dual core laptop running windows xp:
>   1. log messages from one logger appear against appenders to which they are
> not linked
>   2. partial log messages are evident, where headers are missing etc.
> Using a delay of 5 milliseconds improved the situation but still both
> problems were evident.
> On a single cpu windows box running xp, "java nlog4jtest.NLog4jTest 10 0"
> also evidenced both problems too.
> I know I'm making use of a bespoke approach here, so I'm hoping I'm doing
> something wrong in my implementation or breaking some contract I'm not aware
> of. I basically can't ship with logging in this state and can't migrate to
> logback due to LGPL license, which is a problem for the ApacheDS project
> too.
> Any expert advice about alternative implementation approaches or how to best
> approach debugging would be greatly appreciated.
> Many Thanks,
> Norval

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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