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From "Trustin Lee" <>
Subject Re: DNS Protocol (Was: DHCP Protocol Home)
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2007 15:02:06 GMT
On 6/12/07, Stefano Bagnara <> wrote:
> Trustin Lee ha scritto:
> > Moreover, we will do our best to implement such a codec in joint with
> > existing project team (or author) such as dnsjava.  For example, we
> > could reuse dnsjava's DNS message model and encoding/decoding code,
> > and provide its simple wrapper for MINA, which is a very thin
> > integration layer. As for AsyncWeb, I agree with you, and the same
> > approach can be applied to it too like we are going to do with DNS
> > once it goes TLP since its growth.
> >
> > However, if there's no Java protocol codec implementation and MINA
> > needs to provide integration with the protocol, MINA team could
> > provide the codec if there are *enough* people who are interested in
> > it.
> For Apache JAMES jSPF library (
> we're using a combination of a patched dnsjava and the trunk dnsjnio
> ( library.
> We did this when moving to an asynchronous model for our SPF (DNS) lookups.
> As we currently depend on a "not-so-frequently-updated" (dnsjava)
> library (and we are waiting for bugs to be fixed) and on
> "not-so-widely-adopted" MPL licensed library (dnsjnio) I many times
> considered starting a MINA-DNS library based on core dnsjava tokens.
> I think that an asynchronous DNS library should be part of MINA core as
> many protocols require DNS lookups before connecting.
> Unfortunately I have limite knowledge of both the DNS protocol and MINA
> so I would like to help but I currently cannot afford the full project
> alone. If I had a guide between mina experts to help me with the main
> architecture I could try to start wiring up some code.
> Is anyone interested?

Unfortunately, I am not a DNS expert either.  We will give you as much
support as we can if you have any questions about MINA.  But it's not
free; you need to give us a rant whenever you find MINA sucks! ;)

It seems like we have three libraries on our table; dnsjava, dnsjnio,
and ADS DNS protocol provider.  The authors of all three libraries
could start to talk about getting the force together to form more
sustainable community.

I'll CC the authors of dnsjava and dnsjnio in case they are interested.

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