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From "Enrique Rodriguez" <>
Subject Re: Server does not allow anymore simple password
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2007 18:57:52 GMT
I have to split up this thread to respond to it, since you covered a
couple points.  Comments below.

On 6/3/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
> ...
> Those two values was simply not accepted because the related members
> have been removed from the StartupConfiguration class. I can't imagine
> that it has been unnoticed before committing the code, or I guess that
> *no* integration tests has been done, or that the server has never been
> launch, because launching the server with such a configuration leads to
> a direct crash in one second.

The two parameters you felt were missing are, in fact, only ever used
by the SearchHandler.  Therefore, in the split of core configuration
to LdapConfiguration I moved them to LdapConfiguration.  These
parameters are in the new config doco at:

I apologize if you think this change wasn't warranted but it does
reflect how the server is designed.  The fact that there is no unit
test is bad but there wasn't one before this move.  I think these
parameters belong on LdapConfiguration and that your change should be
reverted.  The parameters you added back to StartupConfiguration only
satisfy your attempt to configure server.xml and they are unused
during runtime.

> ...
> This is also a direct result of the merge.
> This is simply not the way we should work. I have spent time to
> understand what was happening, and time to write this mail with all the
> necessary checks to be sure I was not misunderstanding what has been
> done. I would have liked to spend this time on something else more usefull.
> As a result, I have reverted the server.xml to its original form, and
> reinjected the missing methods in the StartupConfiguration class.

I know you are busy and that this change came at a bad time, but in
Eclipse a quick "right-click | References | Workspace" will show that
the LdapConfiguration#getMaxSizeLimit and
LdapConfiguration#getMaxTimeLimit are being used by the SearchHandler.


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