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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject [Fwd: [groovy-user] Gldap 0.1]
Date Sat, 30 Jun 2007 10:51:54 GMT
Hi all!

There is a new effort within the Groovy community to include LDAP 
support within Groovy ("Gldap"). It is driven by Luke Daley (cc) and has 
nothing to do with my attempt. The mission statement/target 
group/approach is totally different. For instance Gldap provides mapping 
between Groovy objects (defined via a class) and LDAP entries. Gldap 
operates on top of Spring LDAP (and inherit the dependency to the Spring 

Learn more about it here:

Luke and Guillaume Laforge encouraged me to continue my work on an LDAP 
integration alternative in Groovy targeted to people familiar with LDAP, 
although I do not know who will use/find/need it, if Gldap is hosted by 
Groovy itself. For programming triggers and stored procedures within 
ApacheDS in Groovy, I still think my approach is more suitable, because 
it does not abstract from the underlying directory, and has a minimum of 

Greetings from Hamburg,


Stefan Zoerner (
Committer :: PMC Member

Apache Directory Project

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