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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: Groovy and LDAP, how to accomplish this?
Date Sun, 17 Jun 2007 19:42:11 GMT
Alex Karasulu wrote:
> BTW I like the new modified syntax you now use below.  I think I have to 
> get Groovy :).

Thanks Alex.

I have added support for modify ops to my little prototype. I am still 
investigating on how a handy syntax for that would look like. As an 
impression: This currently works (con is an LDAPConnection object):


// Adding a single attribute
descr = [ description: 'a singer-songwriter' ]
con.modify('cn=Heather Nova,dc=example,dc=com', 'ADD', descr)

// performing two operations atomically with one modify op
mods = [
     [ 'REPLACE', [description: 'a singer-songwriter, born in Bermuda'] ],
     [ 'ADD', [userPassword: 'secret'] ]
con.modify('cn=Heather Nova,dc=example,dc=com', mods)


My approach generally tries to imitate the original LDAP C API, and is 
therefore not really OO style. But people familiar to LDAP will perhaps 
like it ...

I have updated the wiki page, for those who are interested. Feedback is 
highly appreciated, especially from Groovy confessors.

Greetings from Hamburg,

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