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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject [Hot Partitions] Only For Embedded Connections?
Date Sun, 17 Jun 2007 05:27:49 GMT
Hey Guys,

Are hot partitions meant to be used only for embedded servers?  It seems this way because
in the connection test code the Context.PROVIDER_URL is set to the partition's DN (For example
"ou=test"), rather than a full URL complete with protocol, host, etc.  That could also explain
why the Sun Context Factory connections can't see hot partition entries.  Seems like it would
be a cool thing to have for the "Installed" server as well though.  Let me know if I should
add a New Improvement suggestion to JIRA for it.

- Ole

P.S. If I try to create a hot partition with a full URL like this "ldap://localhost:10389/ou=test1"
an exception is thrown like this:
javax.naming.InvalidNameException: Bad DN : ldap://localhost:10389/ou=test1

So hot partitions only work when the PROVIDER_URL is specified as the DN of the hot partition.

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