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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: Groovy and LDAP, how to accomplish this?
Date Sat, 16 Jun 2007 21:28:21 GMT
Hi Alex!

Thanks for your feedback!

Alex Karasulu wrote:
> Yeah Groovy is cool stuff and would be great for LDAP scripts if there 
> was a good JNDI
> binding for Groovy.  I spoke to James Strachan a while back about adding 
> support to
> Groovy for LDAP.  If I can remember correctly (many beers went down that 
> evening :)) he
> recommended adding a binding to Groovy for JNDI.  This binding can 
> prevent some of
> the issues you're encountering with some syntactic sugar so you can 
> avoid constructs
> like " <>".

What exactly is a "binding to Groovy for JNDI"? Something 
Groovy-specific? I am a Groovy newbie, you know ... Anyway, I was able 
to modify my rookie attempt and I am now able to write "", both 
in search results and when adding a new entry. Adding looks like this in 
my "solution", btw.:

heather = [:]
heather.objectclass = ['top', 'person'] = 'Nova' = 'Heather Nova'

con.add('cn=Heather Nova,dc=example,dc=com', heather)

I like it syntactically :-)

> Perhaps we can look into this.  I sure would like to see Groovy scripts 
> used for SPs and
> for testing since it can lead to cleaner and more succinct code.  
> However I think we need
> to add this binding.  If you like I can ask James to comment on how best 
> we can do this.
> Also I'm +1 on bringing about a subproject for this via a sandboxed 
> effort. 

I have documented my attempt here

Consider this as a proof of concept. Only a few operations are 
implemented yet. Nevertheless, the source code (both Java classes and 
Groovy example scripts) can be found here

It would really be great if James can comment whether this is a way we 
can go, or if it it totally nonsense and there are better approaches 

Basically, the syntax in the scripts is most important for me. It should 
be easy to write simple LDAP scripts which perform things which are not 
possible from the command line with one command (ldapmodify etc.). 
Simple reports for instance. LDAP abstraction (like JNDI) is a no-no. 
One target group are administrators,who are not familiar with JNDI (but 

Thanks in advance and greetings from Hamburg,

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