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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: [jira] Updated: (DIRSERVER-964) Binding does not return DirContext Object's when creating by doing ctx.createSubcontext("cn=test");
Date Sun, 10 Jun 2007 23:33:18 GMT
Yes - Cause you are cheating :-)  I'm able to create a context without 
specifying the attributes.  Alex or Stefan pointed out earlier that the 
reason I can do this is because the server now supports some RFC that 
says it's ok to do this.   Also, the tests are not supposed to pass.  
When they start failing then maybe it is fixed.  This is if my 
assumptions with respect to how this is supposed to work are right though.

You added the person ObjectClass so that the contexts are created.  Now 
the tests pass.  But you should be able to run the test just as is.  
What I'm wondering is "Should the test be green?".
It seems to me that assertNull( binding.getObject() ); should not pass.  
The reason for this is that I can lookup the context and when I do it is 
an instance of a DirContext.  So I think I should be able to get an 
instance from the binding.  

assertEquals( "cn=L1,cn=L0,ou=test", binding.getName() ); based on my 
intuition should fail.  It seems like assertEquals( 
"cn=L1,cn=L0,ou=test", binding.getNameInNamspace() ); should pass.  I'm 
thinking that getName() would return the RDN and getNameInNamespace 
should return the DN.


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