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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [Improvement] Standardized Test Setups for Projects
Date Sun, 10 Jun 2007 21:16:05 GMT
Ole Ersoy a écrit :

> I think it's really important to standardize the process around the 
> submission of tests, with a focus on minimizing the effort for 
> submission and integration.  

yeah, you are plain right.

> So we could start with an archetype like that and just document how to 
> go about using it and what it contains.  

We have done some kind of standardization for tests in 1.0, but it'sd :
1) not perfect
2) not documented
3) slow in 1.5 for many reasons (mainly because we are initializing the 
server for each single test)

> With the DAS I have 10 or so different setup classes each targeting a 
> specific testing domain.  What I'll do first is document how these are 
> being used, making it easy for others to extend the approach.  

ok, just perfet !

> Then I'll submit it as a baseline example of one way  do it and we can 
> see whether we like the approach.  I'm thinking each directory project 
> should have an archetype with canned setups, and then contributors 
> just add more as needed.  Thoughts?

well, if you can spend an hour looking at tests done in core-unit and in 
server-unit, it would also help you a lot. Can you do that? Maybe your 
approach plus what we have can overlap a lot, and you can spare a lot of 
time, and bring the tests to a new level of usability !

Thanks a lot, Ole! This is very valuable !


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