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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: New configuration
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2007 23:17:13 GMT
Stefan Zoerner a écrit :

> Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
>> I'm also thinking about Stefan Zörner who is writing his third 
>> version of his book, I don't want him to have to rewrite parts of it 
>> just because he has snapshots of the old config in it ;) (may be it's 
>> a good way for him to get a contract for a forth version of his book ;)
> The book will still be server independent, I do not explain how to 
> configure ApacheDS. Of course I mention ApacheDS (or should I say 
> "recommend"?), but there is no configuration in the printed text (only 
> in the download files for the book).

Ok, fine... I was not sure of it .

> But let me say that I consider the new server.xml much easier to 
> configure. The structure is clearer, and things are easy which where 
> hard in the past. Well done, Enrique.

Yeah, we all agree that the separation done with protocols are ok. We 
still need to get some more cleaning, but it will be done fast, now.

I just would have prefered to move to a new configuration after the 
1.5.1 version, for many reasons.

> For instance NTP. I have just enabled it on port 10123 (straight 
> forward in server.xml), wrote three lines of Java code which uses the 
> commons-net client, and now I know what time it is! I am looking 
> forward to enable the rest.

That would be great to have real usages feedback, for sure !

> By the way: Does anybody know a graphical Windows NTP client (aka 
> clock), which allows me to specify the port? It would make a nice 
> screen shot for the documentation. I do not want to force Windows 
> users to use port 123 for first NTP steps -- XP already uses it, and 
> they will have to disable a service ...

I have no idea what Wundaus is ... ;}


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