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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: [Testing Feature Idea] Automatic Cleanup
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2007 13:19:39 GMT
Yeah - it might be one of those things that are only used by a few developers...maybe just
me :-)  Yesterday for instance I was writing to both a hot partition and the schema partition.
 If something went wrong I had to go and tearDown everything manually, and this cost me at
least a few hours.  I also had to code a manual tear sequence for hot partitions because LS
does not see them, and comment out certain areas each time depending on what failed.  Anyways
could be I am the only one with this type of tear down scenario, in which case it's trivial.
 I think these are behind me for now anyways .... knock on wood.

- Ole


Alex Karasulu wrote:
> Hmmm there's probably a better way to build this into the test cases. 
> Also you don't know
> if that trigger/sp can execute depending on when that thing that goes 
> wrong went wrong in
> the shutdown sequence. 
> Not worth bothering with it I think.   But a good idea.
> Alex
> On 6/6/07, *Ole Ersoy* < 
> <>> wrote:
>     Hey Guys,
>     When I run my tearDown() methods, "Occasionally" something is off in
>     the test and the tearDown() is thus incomplete.  It would be great
>     if there was a trigger or something that could be called on the
>     server which would "Hot" reset it to its fresh install state.  That
>     way if the tearDown failed, this could be used as a last
>     resort.  Does this sound useful?  Should I put feature requests like
>     this straight in JIRA, and then wait for discussion, or is this the
>     preferred way?
>     Thanks,
>     - Ole

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