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From Aron Sogor <>
Subject Re: [Installers] Base directory for data
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2007 14:23:58 GMT
For embedding DS it would not be cool to use system properties, or at 
least you should be able to define/overwrite _all_ those variables in 
the server.xml too, and system properties would only be a fall back.


Alex Karasulu wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> On 6/3/07, *Chris Custine* < 
> <>> wrote:
>     Hi Everyone,
>     As most of you know, part of the installers and daemon rework I am
>     doing involves detaching the data storage directory from the main
>     install image so that the data can be stored seperately to ease
>     upgrading and running multiple server instances.  Currently all of
>     the data dir, log dir, etc. are statically configured to be
>     relative to the base install dir.  To make this more dynamic and
>     configurable I propose to add some java system properties that can
>     be passed to each instance and use sensible defaults if none are
>     set.  Current server.xml files will continue to work because the
>     partition dir will still be relative from the base data dir that
>     is specified.
> That worked out well :).
>     For Linux/Unix, I believe the correct default will be
>     /var/lib/apacheds, but I am not so sure about WIndows.  At this
>     point I am thinking about keeping the data in the base install dir
>     as a default for WIndows. 
> I agree and it makes sense for Windows since usually apps just deposit 
> all their stuff in their
> installation folders in "Program Files".  There is no standard around 
> this like there is in Linux
> which goes to show you just how little thought the Windows people give 
> to multiuser systems
> and server applications.
>     I will start documenting all of this better in the next few days
>     but I wanted to see if anyone has any thoughts on this part before
>     I continue.
> Thanks,
> Alex

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