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From Stefano Bagnara <>
Subject Re: DNS Protocol (Was: DHCP Protocol Home)
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2007 07:27:56 GMT
Trustin Lee ha scritto:
> On 6/18/07, <> wrote:
>> Hi -
>> I'm sorry for the delay in replying - I've just returned from holiday.
>> "Trustin Lee" <> wrote on 12/06/2007 16:02:06:
>> > > As we currently depend on a "not-so-frequently-updated" (dnsjava)
>> > > library (and we are waiting for bugs to be fixed) and on
>> > > "not-so-widely-adopted" MPL licensed library (dnsjnio) I many times
>> > > considered starting a MINA-DNS library based on core dnsjava tokens.
>> >
>> > It seems like we have three libraries on our table; dnsjava, dnsjnio,
>> > and ADS DNS protocol provider.  The authors of all three libraries
>> > could start to talk about getting the force together to form more
>> > sustainable community.
>> >
>> > I'll CC the authors of dnsjava and dnsjnio in case they are interested.
>> What if there were a "frequently updated" dnsjava, containing all of the
>> useful community-contributed patches (including dnsjnio), released
>> under a
>> BSD license - would that be a good solution?
> Absolutely.  That is the best of the best IMHO.  WDYT guys?
> Trustin

Sorry but I don't understand the proposed scenario.

I think the problem is that we need a community around a new dns project
because we want to provide fast respose and more evolution than dnsjava
currently offer.

Please note that I have nothing against Brian Wellington that indeed
have done a great work during all the past years developing and
maintaining the great dnsjava library.

So what I think we need is a community that can provide that effort and
can do this for the next years: maybe the ASF can be such a place.

What about the "frequently updated dnsjava" you talk about? Who will do
that? In what environment? What community? As it has been proposed to be
BSD then it cannot be hosted by ASF because the Apache Foundation will
only create/maintain ASLv2 projects (and will also need copyrights for
everything maintained).

Indeed, I really would like to know whether Brian has objections to such
an effort, what would be his own preferences about dependencies (or
evolutions) of his code, if he would be interested in collaborating in a
more "community oriented" project, if he would be interested in an
oversight role.


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