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This looks like a very interesting converence.  Perhaps we should consider some proposals for this conference specifically addressing our LDAP vision (integration swiss army knife) regarding Triggers, Views for Virtualization, LDAP Stored Procedures and LDAP queues.

The fact that our vision is not even on the radar screen is a bit worrisome to me.  We're talking about introducing solid theoretical concepts with firm foundations in directory technology into the world of LDAP to solve the problems of virtualization and data synchronization.  We have not sent this message out.  It's ironic that some ad hoc VD implementations without key scientific concepts are getting more notice and traction due commercial demand.  This is due to my failures, (I take full responsibility) so let's see if we can get our vision out into the mainstream so virtualization has a real chance to succeed.

Thoughts? Ideas about other potential presentations?


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From: Dieter Kluenter < dieter@dkluenter.de>
Date: May 22, 2007 4:33 PM
Subject: LDAPcon 2007
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this year the International Conference on LDAP (LDAPcon) will be held
at Cologne, Germany. I would like to point you to
If you would like to present a paper, feel free to submit a proposal


Dieter Klünter | Systemberatung

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