On 5/21/07, Ole Ersoy <ole.ersoy@gmail.com> wrote:
Ahhh man - you saw that hook coming huh?
I'm going to have to get more sneeky. :-)

You funny guy you :).

Actually the DAS Constants are completely separate from ApacheDS's
constants anyways, but I don't mind at all adding more constants
to ApacheDS's constants interfaces as I come across likely candidates.
I'm guessing that the interface you are referring to is MetaSchemaConstants.

I don't know really.  We have to find out which schema that matching rule belongs to.

Do you want me to add it?
Is this OK?

Eeeeekkkk no let me add it later :).  Please just add this constant to your DAS stuff for now.
There's no need right now for us to add this in the server core.  These constants are not
for external apps like yours but rather are for the server's internals.  We can add them as
needed inside the server.  You DAS app can manage it's own set of constants for what it does.