Just consider this the embedded Jetty service is merely there for the standalone server
configuration.  In most cases you won't even turn it on and if you do you can have another
simple instance there just for running some dumb web apps for simple tasks like serving
out DSML.


On 5/21/07, Ole Ersoy <ole.ersoy@gmail.com> wrote:

Alex Karasulu wrote:
> On 5/21/07, *Ole Ersoy* <ole.ersoy@gmail.com
> <mailto:ole.ersoy@gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Good Idea :-)
> Thanks for understanding Ole.

Sure - Thanks for the nudge.
I'll be more careful to stay
focused on the thread in the future,
or change the subject line accordingly.


> Oh great thanks.
>     Did we leave anything else out?
>     Oh - I did mention /var/lib/webapps as a FHS home
>     for the webapps.  Since it is the FHS home
>     other webapps live there too, so when using
>     this directory care should be taken to ensure that
>     they do not trip up in other servers.
> Yes this is a good idea.  If this is done then we need to add an
> additional field to
> tell ApacheDS not to serve out certain webapps in that directory.  I'll
> incorporate
> this into the config as well.

Also, we may want to consider the flip side.
What if Geronimo or Tomcat try to load an ApacheDS

I'm just anticipating users going "OK - I installed ApacheDS
with the webapps and stuff, and now Geronimo is barking..."

I'm sure there's a simple way to handle it,
and if there's juicy stuff in the webapps for Geronimo
guys, then they'll probably help ensure that such scenarios are covered.

- Ole