Can we keep this thread focused on the technical issues of embedding
an HTTP service into ApacheDS.  All this noise is obscuring this thread and will
make people puke when they troll our archives.  Relevant discussions in accordance
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On 5/21/07, Ole Ersoy <> wrote:

>     If the webapps are as modular and independent from ApacheDS as possible,
>     it would maximize developer interest and momentum.
> If you are talking about having a webapp which does not embed ADS, then
> this is not the good ML to talk about it : try Geronimo ML or tomcat ML ;)
> If you are thinking about communication between a webapp and a
> LdapServer outside the container, then JNDI is the key.

What I'm really talking about are use cases and how they can be satisfied.

We know we can embed ApacheDS in a webapp.
The question is what use case does this satisfy?

Then if embedding ApacheDS is the only way to go
by all means do it.

If the webapp can be made independent of apacheds, this can
turn on other contributors that are not
currently ApacheDS core contributors, but really like the functionality
in the webapp and want to help make it better.

So it just depends on what the use cases for the webapp are.

See what I mean?

- Ole

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