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Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:

> - Compare should be accepted whatever the AT is

Isn't it necessary to determine a matching rule for a compare operation?
How do we accomplish this without an attribute type?

My guess is that if a schema is disabled, then it has been enabled once upon a time, then all the matching rules are still OK. AT are stille present in the server as soon they have been declared.

*But* it raises another question : what if we delete an AT ?

If the attribute type is not in the schema any longer, a compare should
raise an error, I think.

Yes, I agree

Sorry for making the problem even more complicated :-(

If it was simple, everybody would have wrote a LDAP server ;)

Heh my thoughts exactly.  I think the best way to handle these issues is via tooling
where we can describe the impact to the user clearly and perform various opperations
to check if the schema change leaves the server in an inconsistent state.