Hi Ole,

On 5/16/07, Ole Ersoy <ole.ersoy@gmail.com> wrote:
Hey Alex,

You are right.

When I run rpm -e
everything is cleaned out except for
apacheds's home directory and the immediate
sub directories.

Hmmm ok the immediate subdirectories should all be removed including the var directory
if it does not have any partitions.  If you install ADS then start her up so partitions are created
then do the rpm -e then only the var/partitions directory should remain in theory it the files
for the created partitions ( i.e. example/master.db and schema/.... etc).

So if I do
[root@/usr/local/apacheds- 1.5.0]# rpm -e apacheds

Then I'm just left with this:
[root@/usr/local/apacheds-1.5.0]# tree
|-- bin
|-- conf
|-- lib
`-- var

Note also that var is empty.

Hmmm did you start up the server before the rpm -e ?

My initial assumption/expectation was
that it would remove everything, including the
root apacheds-1.5.0 directory.

Yeah it should if you did not create partitions.  It should not if you did
create partitions.  The idea here is not to destroy data you might have
added while removing the software.

When the installer uses the FHS layout,
the partitions will be housed in
which will hopefully make rpm upgrades
easy to manage.

It should probably be /var/apacheds/1.5.x/instanceN/partitions no?

We should separate the data from different versions and different instances
running off those versions?