Perhaps it's not the LDAP or LDAPS service that is causing this.  Is there a chance that we're not
using setReuseAddress( false ) on some other service which is causing this failure?  Perhaps the
NTP service? 

This is a long shot since no other services are enabled by default but I thought I'd throw out
the idea.


On 5/16/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
I have modified the code following your instructions, but I get exactly the same behavior (socket already in use) :
            SocketAcceptorConfig acceptorCfg = new SocketAcceptorConfig();
            acceptorCfg.setDisconnectOnUnbind ( false );
            acceptorCfg.setReuseAddress( false );
            acceptorCfg.setFilterChainBuilder( chainBuilder );
            acceptorCfg.setThreadModel( threadModel );
            ((SocketSessionConfig)( acceptorCfg.getSessionConfig())).setTcpNoDelay( true );
            ((SocketSessionConfig)(acceptorCfg.getSessionConfig())).setReuseAddress true );

There must be something wrong elsewhere.


On 5/16/07, Trustin Lee < > wrote:
On 5/16/07, Alex Karasulu < > wrote:
> I'm beginning to suspect that there may be an issue with MINA here.  It
> might be
> interesting to setup a test server with MINA using the
> acceptorCfg.setReuseAddress( true );
> feature then checking to see if this problem occurs.  If not another service
> which may not
> be properly configured via MINA may be causing this trace.

acceptorCfg.setReuseAddress() should be set to 'false'.

Instead, acceptorCfg.getSessionConfig().setReuseAddress(true) should be called.

It was a long standing issue, and I thought it's fixed.  Let me fix
the problem again in the next release.

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