Hey thanks for posting this to the list Emmanuel. 

BTW I think this should be a public discussion on the dev list.  I say this only
because our users may give us some better suggestions.  I hope no one minds
I am just going to post this to the dev/user lists.

Regarding this idea:  if we go with Apache Directory Studio and have subnames
for the various applications supported by the Suite then I think we're still going to
need to change the name of the RCP application no?

I'm just trying to think of how this idea will manifest itself in the product and what
that means with respect to our site and our releases.


On 5/14/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:
We have had an intersting convo with Alex this morning about this naming issue, as he was stopping by in Paris. He is basically thinking exactly the same : the sooner, the better.

Then he had a great idea : "Apache Directory Studio" is a suite, including LdapStudio (which is just a part of the suite). So the official name could be "Apache Directory Studio", like OpenOffice is about the suite, and OOwriter, OOcalc, etc are the parts.

I like this idea very much.

wdyt ?

On 5/14/07, Stefan Zoerner < szoerner@apache.org> wrote:
Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> I have nothing against this name, but remember that "LdapStudio" name
> has already hit the world ...
> A lot of people have blogged about it, there are some references on many
> download sites too.

This is exactly why I wish to have a decision as early as possible.

> What about a double name ?

Any concrete proposals? How about simply call it "Studio" in mails etc.
(instead of LS), and migrate to "Apache Directory Studio" smoothly?

Greetings from Bremen,


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