Hi Weijian,

As others have already confirmed such a tool does not exist in totality.  There
were some efforts out there with partial support for such functionality. 

Spring LDAP (not really but handles some glue code)
Hibernate LDAP (incomplete)
Castor LDAP (some say it is complete but I have not tried it)

BTW it would be nice to start such an effort here.  There are several interesting
approaches one of which was mentioned by Stefan Zoerner regarding he use of
Object and State factories for JNDI.  I thought heavily about this a while back however
there are some issues with using OF and OS namely in the area of managing references
in an object graph.  I think the DAS stuff Ole spoke about has potential however
the timeline is unknown and we only have one person looking into it at the moment.

If enough people are interested I think we can find a solid approach with a visible
timeline to implement such a Object-LDAP (OL) mapping tool.


On 5/10/07, Weijian Fang <wf@ecs.soton.ac.uk> wrote:

Is there a tool to convert LDAP data to Java bean based on LDAP
schema? What I want is quite like what JAXB does on XML. Given an XML
schema, JAXB is able to generate Java classes that translate schema
compliant XML to Java beans and back. Now I have a LDAP schema, and a
LDAP server where data complies with the scheam. I need to read LDAP
data and conert to Java beans. I can do this manually. But if there is
a tool able to automatically generate the code based on the LDAP
schema, it wiil be great!

Is there such a tool? Any hint? Thanks a lot!