Yeah this is bad.  I figured this would be the case tho since you cannot install more than one version of a package and dependencies will cause some collisions.  I don't think we can depend on this and need to package our dependencies into a single RPM.


On 5/8/07, Ole Ersoy <> wrote:
I was really excited about JPackage until I found out that they have
1 version of each "Package" that they support per release.

Meaning they have JPackage 1.5, 1.6, 1.7...that are "releases"
of their packages.  Each release should support 1 version of
1 package.

Each such release has to have one supported version of a package.

So suppose Tomcat and ApacheDS share a dependency.

ApacheDS uses version 1.3 of this dependency in the current

Tomcat uses 1.5.

So what happens?

Suppose someone at JPackage already built
version 1.4, and they tried it with both Tomcat and ADS,
and it looks like it works.

Well, if that's the supported version in release
1.x of JPackage, then this dependency could end up getting shoehorned
into a ADS install that JPackage supports.

Personally I think that's really scary.

Originally I was writing a Maven plugin for them to automate
their work, but decided to go in another direction when
I found out about this policy.

- Ole

Alex Karasulu (JIRA) wrote:
>     [ ]
> Alex Karasulu commented on DIRSERVER-749:
> -----------------------------------------
> NP Bastiaan, it's hard to align at times.  Oh I did not know about the JPackage rpm.  Perhaps we need to look at that.  None of us besides Ole have been in contact with the JPackage folks.  Perhaps you can point us in the right direction so we can see and discuss what they have done.
> BTW Chris Custine is now looking at rewriting some of the code in the daemon and installer modules to properly generate an RPM with scripts that actually work out of the box.  He's primarily focused on the 1.5 branch and will be switching us over to use the Tanuki wrapper instead of jsvc and procrun.  As for 1.0 I don't think it's worth mucking with.
>> fix issues with apacheds RPM to get it working out of the box
>> -------------------------------------------------------------
>>                 Key: DIRSERVER-749
>>                 URL:
>>             Project: Directory ApacheDS
>>          Issue Type: Improvement
>>          Components: installer-plugin
>>    Affects Versions: 1.0.1, 1.0
>>         Environment: linux
>>            Reporter: Bastiaan Bakker
>>         Assigned To: Alex Karasulu
>>            Priority: Minor
>>             Fix For: 1.5.1 , 1.0.3
>>         Attachments: apacheds-branch-1.0-server-installers-rpmfix.patch, apacheds-daemon-trunk-rpmfix.patch
>> The apacheds RPM has several issues that prevent it from running out of the box:
>> * the init script fails to run because APACHEDS_USER is set to $USER, which is not defined at boot time
>> * the init script fails to run bevause JAVA_HOME is not defined
>> * the init script it is not registered to the init subsystem with chkconfig or similar
>> * the config files are not marked as such, causing them to be silently overwritten when one upgrades the RPM
>> * the RPM filename is not conform conventions: ${name}-${version}-${release}.${arch}.rpm
>> * the location of the files (/usr/local/apacheds-1.0_RC4) is version dependent, making upgrades cumbsome. The admin has to relocate the partitions and config files on every updgrade.
>> * the sources and docs are included in the rpm, even though they are not necessary for operation.
>> The RPM build mechanism for apacheds also has some issues:
>> * runs rpmbuild as root, which is frowned upon by RPM gurus for security and safety reasons.
>> * the generated src.rpm is not self contained, ie. one cannot do a 'rpmbuild --rebuild' with it.
>> * the sudo mechanism is totally unnecessary